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Doyald Young designed and published three books about his work: Logotypes & Letterforms (1993), Fonts & Logos (1999) and Dangerous Curves (2008). While all his books have been critically acclaimed, Fonts & Logos is considered indispensable by font designers, educators and typographers.

Logos & Letterforms included the corporate typefaces and original and revised logotypes he had created for General Electric, Sony, Hilton International, John Deere and other businesses. It was well received by designers for its defiance of fashionable trends.

Fonts & Logos (1999) and Dangerous Curves (2008), taught lessons by example. They showcased his logos for the Grammy, Golden Globe and Tony Awards and typographic treatments for Bette Midler’s concert at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles (2002), the “Elvis” video collection for MGM/UA (1985), the “Sinatra: The Man and his Music” television special (1981) and Prince’s album “The Hits” (2000).

Learning Curves was designed to to explain the basics of formal script. It was completed just before Doyald passed away in 2011 and is anticipated to be published in 2020.

Doyald stated, “Remember that Script is one of the most commonly used fonts. Look at all the use of Script in wine labels. Anyplace where luxury is called for, anything that’s refined calls oftentimes for a graceful statement of Formal Script.”