Dangerous Curves
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Dangerous Curves

From the first tentative sketches to a finely resolved pencil drawing, these logo development sketches reveal how Doyald develops an idea. There are an abundant number to choose from, over 700 sketches, from a wide variety of commerce: corporate, the world of entertainment, cosmetics, products, hotels, resorts, and restaurants, some greatly enlarged to show drawing technique.

A number of monograms are included, and lettering for special projects, a total of 83 separate examples, plus extensive font development sketches, including Eclat, Young Baroque, and Young Finesse. Quotations are set in large point sizes in each font style.

Style choice: serif, sans serif, decorative, script, formal or casual, is examined for client preference, appropriateness, and more importantly for legibility. A few examples are compared to fonts and how the fonts may be interpreted to create a unique image. Sans serif spacing is examined and legibility is addressed in all of the styles shown, typography’s vital attribute. 

Drawing technique is covered in the opening essay and throughout the pages there is an insistence on good drawing and the subtleties and nuance of letterforms. Five guest essayists contribute their thoughts on drawing by hand versus drawing on the computer.