Fonts for Doyald Young


Eclat is a fat face script. It was designed in the mid-1980s, filling a niche, particularly for packaging when both strength and grace are needed. It has found uses in the entertainment industry, and an Israeli airline has used it for their logo.

Scripts and italics share similarities, most lean and their forms differ from the upright romans. If script letters are separated, many will appear to be italics. Because of its weight and proportion Eclat has a kinship with the the nineteenth century italic fat faces, Normandia and Thorogood.

Doyald states, “Its genesis stems from a proposed Shu Uemura cosmetic logotype that is designed with sans serif caps. When I submitted it to Esselte Letraset, Colin Brignal, type director wanted the thins weighted. Peter O’Donnel made the changes when he cut it in Rubylith. The forms changed slightly, the joins were lowered and the e narrowed and more weight carried around the baseline turns. Its fit is tighter that the original Uemura logo and the caps are script. I used a very old script idea from the the nineteenth century, the lowercase r with a teardrop.”