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Fonts & Logos

In Fonts & Logos (1999) Doyald Young carefully explains and diagrams letters, to show construction and form. The book confronts the nitty-gritty of typography to help the student and designer alike.

The book includes a description of many of his techniques and covers topics such as:

  • The advantages of starting with pencil and paper before transitioning to the computer for finished art
  • Ideas on design direction
  • Drawing tips for making pencil comps
  • Tips on converting tight comps into digital bit maps and then finally to outline images
  • Tips on the use of bezier points in Illustrator and Fontographer


The study of typography is a lifelong journey. Fonts & Logos is the passport for travelers who wish to transcend the everyday alphabet and explore the high art of typography. The master guide is Doyald Young, who has devoted some forty years to studying and drawing exquisite letterforms and taught typography for a quarter of a century at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California. This five pound, 385page guidebook takes the reader on a journey to familiar and exotic destinations.

An introduction by the prominent calligrapher and typographer, Hermann Zapf sets the tone for this treasure-trove for typophiles, graphic design educators and students. The page design is inviting and the printing mirrors the quality of its content making it a priceless type resource.

The type expedition begins with the vital structure and fundamentals of type, letter construction and relationships. A concise history of 500 years of letter design reveals how a melding of styles has created a vocabulary of our ever-expanding type vocabulary. Detailed information on classic fonts, an unmatched anatomy of every letter, effective spacing and font categories all help to empower the reader to discover how to effectively use type.

There is a deep examination of the typographic terrain as the journey traverses serif letters, sans serifs, and script fonts. Each section is punctuated by a stunning assemblage of logotypes all hand drawn by Doyald that celebrate each category. The subtle nuances and sensitive treatments of these logotypes provide a breathtaking collection of ideas for effective type manipulation.

The “Font Sampler” is a pilgrimage through thirty classic typefaces that meticulously examines their clarity of form. Different lettering styles are cleverly explored leaving the reader with an understanding of how fonts offer inspiration for design.

“How I work” is a step-by-step odyssey that clearly illuminates the path and process for anyone wishing to design logotypes or fonts.

Over three-hundred typefaces are displayed throughout the book and the logo chapters map the adept innovations of a man who is fluent in font language. Design, weight, proportion and orientation of typography are all covered in this classic compendium. The timeless type guidelines and crystalline quality of Fonts & Logos will enlighten the novice as well as the seasoned professional and fill the reader with awe.