Fonts for Doyald Young

Home Run

Home Run Script has the formality of 18th-century English roundhands, narrow, tightly fitted and drawn in a very bold weight and inspired by Doyald’s ITC Eclat font. The x-height is large, and the caps are simply drawn with minimal swashes.

Home Run Sanscript has the same lowercase as Home Run Script with a few exceptions. The capitals are sans serif, an idea that is possible because of the lowercase simplicity. Home Run Sanscript capitals are designed to be compat­ible with the lowercase, both in proportion and weight.

Doyald describes his process: “The letters and bowls of Home Run script join the stem in a tangent manner—smoothly, that is—without a trace of a corner, thus ensuring a flowing quality.

“Type design is based on many optical adjustments. More than any other style, script shapes must be adjusted so that they appear to lean in the same flowing angle.”

“Many of the Home Run caps are similar to Young Gallant, and the lowercase is as simple as Gallant’s. It is a display face, a sports script, bold and tightly spaced for impact, and references Eclat that I designed in 1985, an extremely bold extended font with a large x-height.

“For the a’s bowl to appear parallel to the stem, its angle must be increased. In handwriting there is a natural increase of pressure on a downward curved stroke, evidenced by the bowl’s widening below lateral center. Both the exterior bowl’s centerline and the looped turn of the stem at the baseline lean more so that a high join can be made to the following letter and a rhythmic flow held.” 

“Reverse curves are abundant in script fonts, and must lean more to visually match the font’s slope. If the right side of the n is drawn with the established angle, the area nearest the baseline will appear too wide, angular, and more upright.

“I think enclosed loops look best when the counter is a mirror-image teardrop. The condensed caps swash extensions are narrow shapes. This is determined by an extreme slope to their visual centerline.”

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