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I Fuss a Lot

I Fuss a Lot is a way of saying that detail is important. Doyald’s friend, Ramone Muñoz, a former student and Professor at Art Center College of Design, described him as persnickety.

Doyald responded by saying it was true. He said, “In order to achieve only a modicum of precision and control requires discipline, observation, perseverance, practice, repetition, and highly critical self-analysis, essential qualities for a successful job versus a mediocre one.”

In a personal note with samples of his new font sent to colleague and close friend Marian Bantjes, Doyald wrote: “I am neurotic about my work. I fuss over it. So do forgive any of my unforeseen gotchas and enjoy the fonts. They are blood filled, cloaked in anxiety, and despite all of that I can say with some lack of modesty that I am proud of them.”