Fonts for Doyald Young

Young Baroque

Young Baroque, an elegant script, was introduced as a dry transfer font and digitized in 1992. With eighteenth-century references its narrow proportion, tight fit, and complex shapes are ideal at 32-point and larger. The font is best used for one or two words, or as large initial caps.

Script capitals are married by proportion, then by the thickness and distribution of weight, but most importantly by loops, which can be either an ellipse or an oval. These can be drawn with the same degree of ellipse, or the same oval shape, or more interestingly, with a series of ovals. An ellipse is a circle in perspective, and an oval is an ellipsoidal shape, and can be symmetrical on a longitudinal centerline, and to my eye, more pleasing. The ovals may vary in proportion, orientation, and size—all determined by one’s personal esthetic.

Because Young Baroque is designed as a display font with a careful proportion/spacing ratio, it should not be used in small sizes. It is best used for only a few words to suggest quality and refinement, and to relieve gray masses of type.