Fonts for Doyald Young

Young Gallant

Young Gallant is a formal script that references the English Roundhand, illustrates this book  and is based on a basic script alphabet designed by Doyald’s great teacher, Mortimer Leach. Doyald taught its forms to over four thousand students at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

In his book, Learning Curves, Doyald diagramed the essential elements of the letter and displays them as large as the format permited. Over 250 pencil sketch variations of the cap and lowercase are included. The sketches do not comprise sets, they are variations of Young Gallant.

Doyald explains,“I have drawn them same size using an hb pencil. Some are drawn with great restraint, others are more adventuresome, and some are florid shapes that reference their eighteenth-century heritage. A few are traditional shapes found in many script fonts, a few are either initial or terminal letters, and some are ornamental jewelry for sparkle.”

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